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As the founder of Inner Peace Counseling Center, Todd Malloy has more than 30 years of experience helping individuals thrive through therapy. Todd has coached hundreds of people, from all walks of life, through crisis, professional setbacks and advances, and personal development. Todd helps professionals achieve their goals, scale their businesses, and transition to new phases of life.

Expected outcomes with Todd as your coach and life transformation expert:

  • Personal Growth & Development

  • Leadership & Professional Development

  • Clarified Goals

  • Career Advancement

  • Job Fulfillment

  • Team Building

  • Skill Sharpening

  • Career Transition


Life is dynamic, not static. Should you not be willing to adapt, you are choosing not to be relevant.
- Todd Malloy

  • What is the difference between a life & business strategist and a life coach?
  • How do I know if I need coaching?
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  • What outcomes can I expect from Todd as my coach?
    Todd is the champion in your corner and your cheerleader through life's toughest challenges. He's the unbiased wise counsel you need to be successful in your personal life and ultimately in the corporate arena. Way you will benefit from having Todd as your coach: Gain clarity, confirmation and assertiveness in attaining business and professional goals. Clarity of one's own self sabotage in attaining professional goals. A seasoned corporate and therapeutic professional that is unbiased and relatable in assisting in your ability to attain the highest of heights. Learn effective ways to create work life balance. Improve profit and loss via multiple initiatives, personal clarity, personal and professional growth. A viable resource to stimulate new avenues of thought. Challenge your initiative to develop effective mitigation plans allowing you to be secure and prepared to present initiative to the intended audience. Don't take it from us; hear what our clients have to say.
  • What does research say about coaching?
  • How much coaching will I need and for how long?
  • What types of people require coaching?
  • What coaching is NOT?

Frequently asked questions about coaching

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