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I've enjoyed many titles such as therapist, minister, corporate executive, engineer... and the list goes on. This path set me on a non-traditional trajectory towards life & business strategy, which I just can't get enough of. After discovering a gap between successful individuals and the lack of fulfillment in their lives, I've offered up my experience in therapy and coaching to deliver a full-circle experience that my clients can't get anywhere else.

I come from a single-parent household with a mother on welfare and a ninth-grade education. With intentionality and perseverance, I worked hard, put myself through school, published books, produced films, became a licensed counselor and sexuality educator, all of which led me to opening my private practice over a decade ago. I understand the fragility of life and analyze the problems that plague people to their core. I deliver solutions for the big issues of life and inspire my clients to walk in their truth.


My passion lies in facilitating committed & dedicated individuals turning their inner passions and desires into action and results. I offer counsel to individuals who understand the importance of wise counsel to remove internal and interpersonal conflicts that challenge living experiences to growth in all aspect of their lives. This includes (but is not limited to),

  • corporate politics,

  • processing to introduce new concepts to workplace teams,

  • cultural shifts,

  • work life balance, and

  • abstract out of the box thinking.

All these areas come together to impact the bottom line (PNL). Given the combination of my personal, professional, spiritual, and psychological expertise, I am thoroughly prepared to offer this unique brand of service for your collective success. In turn, my hope is to foster and empower each individual to function in his/her greatest self, and as I always say to all of my clients, “Live a Life Worth Celebrating.” You’ve come to the right place, welcome!

Education & Certifications

Advanced Post Graduate Studies, University of Michigan
Master of Arts, Pfeiffer University
Bachelor of Science, University North Carolina at Charlotte
AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Former AASECT Board of Directors
AAMFT Member

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